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Immunisation Schedule

Timing is important

The National Immunisation Program Schedule Queensland outlines when your child’s vaccinations should take place.

Caucasian infant Caucasian infant

On-time vaccination offers the best protection for your child

It is important that your baby is fully immunised as early in life as possible to be protected from serious and life threatening diseases.

Caucasian pregnant woman Caucasian pregnant woman

Vaccinations during pregnancy are vital

Vaccinations during pregnancy are the most effective way to protect mum and baby, as mother develops immunity and also passes protective antibodies on to the baby.

Indigenous family Indigenous family

Get a jab to protect yourself, your family and your community

Additional vaccines are provided free for eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, due to higher risk of some diseases.

To talk to a registered nurse about childhood vaccination and the impact of new laws call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84)

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