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Why immunisation matters

Immunisation stops the spread of disease. It limits the impact of the disease and it saves around 3 million lives worldwide each year. The results speak for themselves. So, with nothing but proven facts, answers and useful information, this is your straightforward guide to immunisation.

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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander immunisation (jabs)

If you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you may need extra vaccines as Indigenous people can be at higher risk of some diseases.

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Travel vaccinations

If you’re travelling to countries where immunisation rates are low or preventable infectious diseases are common, you will need to get vaccinated. See your doctor before your departure to ensure you are protected.

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Keep track of when to immunise

Our easy-to-use Immunisation Planner helps you keep track of which vaccinations are required and when to get them.

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All your questions answered right here

Where do I get a vaccination? Is there a phone number to call? How do I get my immunisation record? All good questions. And we have all the answers.

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Vaccinations during pregnancy are vital

Vaccinations during pregnancy are the most effective way to protect mum and baby, as mums develop immunity and pass protective antibodies on to their babies.

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13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84)

To talk to a registered nurse about vaccinations call 13 Health. For more information on Translation and Interpreting Services, visit here or call 131 450