Be on time

Due dates are important

For the best protection, vaccinations need to occur on time. ‘On time’ means on (or as close as possible to) the due date in accordance with the Immunisation Schedule Queensland

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What if your child is unwell?

Children who are slightly unwell can still receive their vaccination.

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Childcare requirements

From the 1 January 2016, new laws may affect your childcare options, and your childcare payments. If you always vaccinate your child on time, you provide them with the best protection possible and don’t have to worry. In Queensland, if your child is not up to date, the service can choose to:

  • refuse enrolment
  • cancel enrolment or refuse attendance
  • conditionally accept enrolment or attendance

You may also miss out childcare payments from the Australian Government.

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Family assistance payments

Some family assistance payments are directly linked to children being fully vaccinated at key milestones.

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Last updated: 04 June 2014