Track your family vaccinations with the VacciDate app

VacciDate is a tool to help you manage your child’s vaccination schedule in Queensland for children up to 4 years of age. It enables you to:

  • enter a profile for each child in your family
  • enter appointment dates for vaccinations
  • receive reminders at 1 month, 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour before the next vaccination is due or next appointment is scheduled
  • store a record of vaccinations received for each child
  • share the app on Facebook.

The VacciDate can send appointment information to your personal calendar and provides access to the VacciDate website containing information about vaccinations.

Help make childhood immunisation easier for friends and family -

Add family

Protect your child by ensuring vaccinations are given on time. It is the number one way to protect your child from preventable diseases. Vaccine preventable diseases are still common in many countries. Increased travel and immigration means the risks are real.


Immunisation works by triggering your immune system’s memory to fight against vaccine preventable diseases. When you are exposed in the future, your immune system is better able to respond to these diseases if you have been vaccinated.

Be reminded

The VacciDate app will remind you when your child’s vaccinations are due. You can add appointments and track your child’s vaccination progress helping you give them the best protection against vaccine preventable diseases.