When to immunise

The best time to immunise against each disease varies. On-time vaccination offers the best protection.

Immunisation schedule

Due dates are important. The immunisation schedule outlines all the recommended vaccinations from birth to old age, based on the Immunisation Schedule Queensland. For your best protection against vaccine preventable diseases, all vaccinations should happen on time.

You can also create your own personalised schedule through our Immunisation planner tool, to help you keep track of the recommended dates for each vaccination.

Pregnant woman

During pregnancy

Diseases like influenza and whooping cough can be life-threatening for mums and bubs. Find out why vaccination during pregnancy is the best way to protect yourself and your baby from disease.

Children under 10 years

Young children are more susceptible to disease because of their under-developed immune systems. Find out how immunisation from an early age helps protect your child against serious infections.

Children and adolescents

School-aged kids get free vaccinations to protect them from diseases. Want to know your child’s free immunisation schedule? Or need to catch up with vaccinations you may have missed when they were younger?


The vaccines needed in adulthood may depend on your age, lifestyle and which vaccinations you’ve had in the past. Check out the vaccinations you require. And if you missed any vaccinations as a child, find out how to catch up.

Aboriginal child and her mum

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

If you’re of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, you may need extra vaccinations as you’re at higher risk from some diseases. Check out your vaccination schedule here.

Refugees and other humanitarian entrants

Vaccination is important for anyone moving to Australia, such as migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum. Your doctor can help ensure you have the shots you need.


Travelling outside of Australia is a little harder at the moment. But if you’re planning to travel overseas, you may be exposed to some diseases that are preventable by vaccination. Find out how you can stay safe here.